Fun times with celebrities, the stupid things they wear, the strange ways they wear their hair and the strange contexts of the photos in question.     

The next set of photos are dedicated to all those ladies who still try to be fierce long after their time. In the words of the late Teddy P., I think you betta let it go. Because what Jlo doesn't realize is that what little respect she did have will be thrown out with her damn Louboutins. That outfit is not cute and wouldn't be cute on anyone. Give. it. up. And tell you husband to eat a sandwich.


Again, you're not generating new fans by looking like a Bratz doll or an anime character Ms. Lopez. And especially not when you've let someone bedazzle your damn socks. Those are SOCKS Jennifer. You can't go to Target with bedazzled socks and no shoes. Just let it go. And, yes, there is a teaser for an article that gives advice on how to "save money like an immigrant." Ahem. Discuss amongst yourselves.


Upon first glance, it seems that the object of the photo is rapper Ludacris and his boo, but actually, I don't care about them. I care about Ms. Purple and Gold. I care about why she decided to bring back the gold lame (and you can pronounce that "layme" or "lah-may". Either fits in this instance) and top it off with a purple lingerie top that she bought five years ago and is now too little. Come on now. Stop that.

I know this picture is on the main page but it bears repeating. What the googly gook is Fantasia wearing? How could she be so wrong about what her body looks like to think she is fyne enough to walk out on the beach wearing a bra and panties. And her friend needs a check as well. Like her song says, "Go ahead and free yourself" honey. Go ahead. Also, have you watched her new show on VH1? I highly recommend it, "Fantasia For Real." I enjoy her "negro dialect"--especially when she says "mines". Not "mine" but "mines". As in, "alot of people wonder why I give my daughter everything she ask for. Well, that's not your chile. She's mines." OH YES LORD.

One day someday soon, someone will go up to JT and say, ""hey, bro" (cause that's how I imagine people talk to him--you know he still thinks he has his ghetto pass, when in fact, he surrendered that card when he let Janet Jackson take the fall for Nipplegate. Work with Timbaland all you want JT, we BP can at any moment replace you with Robin Thicke He married a BW so we should like him more anyway), you can never make this look, look cool. The hair, the glasses, the suit all equal over your head." That's how it plays out in my head.

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron go celebrate the fact that she can now take nude pictures of herself and it not be against the law because she's 21! Yay! Hooray! Look at them all serious and "stylish." They are the future which makes me want to go back to bed and sleep through it.

Yes, this is a can of Colt 45 malt liqueur ensconced in a tennis shoe with a Colt 45 logo. Forgoing the obvious questions about who would wear a Colt 45 shoe (aside from old school BP who still visit 'jukes (pronounced jooks) and dance to Mel Waiters' hit "Hole in the Wall",) the more important questions are: a) why is the shoe in the damn refrigerator? and b) who is this person who has both a Colt 45 can AND a gallon of Organic milk in their frigidaire? Seriously?!?


Mike Tyson and the Cast of Jersey Shore including Snookie (the one who was punched). The jokes write themselves.

Preview pics of Riri's new music video "Hard." Tina Turner said it best: "We don't need another hero." And, anyway, I was more scared of her than I ever could be of you and your porcupine shoulder pads.

Deniro receiving honorary achievement award from the Kennedy Center Honors. He's with his wife Grace Hightower. As gossip goes, Bobby's always been down with the black ladies. How nice.