Four things mark the existence of this new media tool that makes me feel like I’m aboard the first flight with the Wright Brothers (for some reason the Orville Redenbacher popcorn man always comes to mind first when thinking about the Wright Brothers..shrugs). And that last weird-ass visual image is not one of them.

1) One of my favorite professors, MBH, told me she thought my facebook commentary was “droll.” I had to look up what that meant because it sounded like “dull.” Turns out, it meant “whimsically humorous” and “amusing in an odd way.” So, that’s the goal of this little blog situation: to be droll.

2) I write about blackness, talk about blackness alot and like to make people think about it as obsessively as I do. Hence the title, Dear Black Woman,. People think we black ladies are full of wisdom…let’s see if that’s true. Ask me a question (note that I can be irrascible when responding to dumb questions so roll the dice and take your chances).

3) I like celebrity gossip. I think of myself as a sommelier of celebrity gossip. Only the best, baby. Only the best.

4) Erinlloyd made me do this. If it’ s not good, blame her.

Put all this together and I’ve got a great way to distract myself from life while writing a dissertation growing into an assistant professor.

That’s it. I’m done. (I loved that scene from Boiler Room sooo much. I loved Ben Affleck so much after that. Now he looks like a soccer DILF. Bygones.)