Hello dear readers,

Yes, I know everyone is doing it. Yes, I know DBW should take a ticket and stand in the friggin blogger line. Yes, I know that live blogging is very close to being as cliche as Chatroulette. But, but, BUT: no one live blogs quite like me (Bragadocious moment over). So, come on, join me tomorrow at 8/7 CST here and in the words of my role model Ms. Niecey Nash, let’s get to gettin.

LOVE Her. And, as a little side note: As much as I love Vanessa Huxtable, I don't like Vanessa trying to mimic my Niecey on "Clean House." I feel like I need to keep the blindfolds on and keep my eyes closed. (Only if you're devoted to Clean House will you get that joke)

It’s the Golden Globes–Hollywood foolishness at its best.

And, DBW’s got company. Dr. Gates, one of my BFFs will be co-hosting this lovely affair with me.

Lisa Raye (Dr. Gates) and Vivica (DBW): our alter egos. We love them. For real.

We promise that whatever wine/Hennessey/muscato combination we enjoy we will share with y’all.

So, come and watch the foolishness!

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