Answer: Not a damn thing, dear readers. At least not during these summer months. Well, except, I watch youtube videos. I watch a lot of youtube videos. (No, I’m not being sponsored by youtube  but if I were, I got no shame. And I ain’t too good to say no to money. So keep a look out). I watch youtube to catch up with my stories (soap operas), to watch movies…on occasion (that movie with the woman who gets posessed by a ninja? Loved that movie. It’s only on youtube), and to watch for general foolywang. Mostly, I go for nostalgia. There are certain televisual moments that affected this BW exponentially and that she hasn’t seen in years. It simply warms my heart that others were similarly affected.  Like what? Glad you asked.

I loved Def Comedy Jam. I watched the first incarnation of the series EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY night at 11 pm (central time). I didn’t care if I was scratching my granny’s scalp, if she wanted my assistance she just had to deal with the vulgarity when it came time for DCJ. You may think it crude but this was before the dvr, peoples. It was live or not at all. And I was not missing DCJ. Especially during moments like this:

Seriously, I both still say “watch out right ther nah” and sing that Koolaid commerical. Life changing.

Also, I love to watch this commercial:

Ask me if I still know all the damn words. Hells to the yes. “Hair so soft, silky and free..I want something just for me.” The problem was Just for Me perms never really left one’s hair soft, silky and free. More like hard, straw-like and weighted. Fortunately, I never had to get one of those “kiddie perms.” I started with the big dog:

Bantu was a serious relaxer. It left hair bone straight. And, bone limp.

TCB. Lord, deliver me from that perm.

Old school perms. Nostalgic moment.

And then there’s this new obsession I have: BW haircare videos. Have you watched them? Insanity. I’m fascinated with the genre and the conventions. Every BW must look in camera, must pick at hair, must describe their process, must show product, must demonstrate use of product, must show themselves sitting under dryer (rarely do you see a blowout) and must show final style. Must refer to what’s on their head as “THE hair” as in: “So, you’re just gonna spray a little setting lotion on “the hair” (bring bottle to camera so we see it).” Just AMAZING. I don’t do my own hair so I’m not as concerned about educating myself on how to do the styles; rather, I’m transfixed by the lunacy (I’ve talked about pathologizing BW about their hair elsewhere but seriously, some of these techniques are nutters) we employ in figuring out the best way to make our hair, soft, silky and free–like the use of saran wrap. No kidding–friggin’ saran wrap to create a so-called “silk wrap.” WP, you’re about to learn something good so take notes!*  Here’ s a great set of videos (one relaxed, two natural):

 It’s transfixing isn’t it? I could seriously watch these vids all day. And, I do.

To close, this is my favorite video of the day:

She’s right you know.

*For questions about what’s a wrap, look here. And here. Note: the key to the wrap–it’s all about the center.