Well, cause I’m kinda pessimistic so the worst things are what I focus on? That’s your psychology moment for the day courtesy of DBW. Anyway, quick update for all five of you who follow DBW. Remember my post about Gabby and how post-Oscars, her protective bubble would pop? Well, it did with the King of all Media, Howard Stern. Watch this and letteth your mouth drop to the ground:

Now, while I do not agree with Stern’s comments about her weight and the whole Blind Side 2 quip, everything else he said is RIGHT.  ON. He’s a shock jock so to some degree I heartily expect him to be provocative about this case but he’s only saying what I can imagine many, many, many industry insiders are thinking. Stern may be many things but one thing he definitely is is honest (this honesty ranges from if you have nice boobs to if Gabby Sidibe will actually be the star that Hollywood “claims” her to be).  What can she do next? Who can she be? People want to compare her to Jennifer Hudson post-Oscar but I’m not certain that’s even a viable comparison considering that with the exception of Secret Life of Bees and the role as Carrie’s “girl” in Sex and The City, she hasn’t been rocking Hollywood. I know she’s gonna be Winnie Mandela (and I feel sorry for Winnie Mandela too because of all the women who could play her I would’ve never though J.Hud)


You were so pretty till you opened your mouth and that crazy foolywang emerged.

Clearly this Jennifer Hudson is different...

From this svelte, new and improved and slimmer Jennifer Hudson. This is just part of the work Gabby needs to undergo if she even wants a real, true shot at a Hollywood career.

Thankfully, some friends tipped me off  to the newsstory that broke today about her being cast in a recoccuring role on a new Showtime vehicle for Laura Linney. I think Gabby was described as a “smart-aleck student of Linney’s”. Not to be reductive, but she played a similar role of a smart-aleck student in Precious. In short, I’m not sure this is a departure for Gabby or (and this or is a big damn deal) an indicator of the career Oprah waxed poetically about Sunday night at the Oscars. I’m happy for Gabby I really am, but I’m far from optimistic about this woman’s lifespan in Hollywood–or shall I say her lifespan without severe and dramatic weight loss.

And, before I quit, I’m also tired of folks comparing her to Mo’Nique and Queen Latifah. It’s  not the same setup. They found cultural cache (and capital) within the black community first before crossing over into mainstream fame. So, it’s not the same game they are playing. To be frank, Mo’Nique could give a damn about what Hollywood thinks about her. She’s done her own thing (not by her own choice I’m sure)  for so long that she is not dependent upon their thoughts about her beauty, her husband or her unshaven legs (don’t even get me started cause I might hurl projectile missiles at the next comment made about her damn legs@!@@@)

Finally, Gabby keeps giving me second hand embarrassment with all that crazy-ass foolywang she continues to participate in. The whole Gerald Butler flirtation on the red carpet? The porn and fashion comment? This makes me want to shake the hell out of her just like black parents in grocery stores do with their children. You don’t want to hurt them (in public) but you want them to know that they’re acting like damn fools! Stop it, girl. I’m serious.

News about Gabby’s new recurring role can be found here. Her embarrassing ass interview is here.