First, dear readers, you may be wondering, “what is a headscarf?” It is simply a scarf  (preferably silk or satin; NEVER cotton!!!) that is wrapped around the head of BW round the world. Now, typically our headscarfs are for bedtime use only. They help us maintain the softness and style that we all work so ridiculously hard for (seriously, have you asked a BW how long her hair regimen takes? The greater the amount of time, the longer that damn hairstyle should last!) But let’s just be honest. We don’t just wear them to bed but we wear the around the house on our lazy days, we wear them when we take out the trash in front of the house and yes, sometimes we wear them outside to the grocery store or the mall. Now, this is not the same as in the 80s when some of us decided it would be acceptable to go to the store with jheri curl caps (read: plastic processing bags) on our heads. That was clearly, clearly unacceptable and unattractive.  And, for the record, I never saw a jheri curl–not even mine– that actually was this oh so silky smooth. Plastic cap or no.


Now that said, why the headscarf? Cause we don’t feel like combing our hair. White ladies have certain advantages with regard to their hair. Put it up in a ponytail and go kindsa hairstyles seem to be very common. But uh, for us BW, good hair takes time–and we don’t always feel like taking that time.  And, we’re only going out for a minute. We’re making a quick run to the mall, or Walmart, or to the grocery store. Hence, the scarf. Now, I’m not of the fashionable mindset of BW who want to decorate their headscarfs in rhinestones and other jewry*. For me, that is completely unnecessary. Just give me a baseball cap to place ontop  and I am good to go. Like this:

Clearly for the sake of illustration and because I have no shame, this is what I mean. I was only going to the Walmart! No big deal.

Final thought: A headscarf is NOT the same as us BW walking ’round with the damn rollers in our hair. Now that is some foolishness right there and we should do better. At least wear a scarf around those big ass red, green, yellow or pink rollers. It makes me laugh because the only day I see this phenomenon happening is Saturday night–which means one and only one thing: they’re getting themselves ready for the Lord on Sunday.

An addendum: So, BW don’t typically like water as it relates to our hair (I’m mostly speaking to us ladies with relaxers). Thus, you may see us around beaches and swimming pools with headscarfs on. Similar to Ms. Fantasia.

While there are many things I could say about her uh..swimsuit and the tattoos but suffice to say, I would rather focus on the headscars in the photo. Nice hair requires effort!

*jewry–it is the way this BW pronounces all jewelry that is not real. The stuff we pick up at the Beauty Mart or in the jewry district in Houston. You know, jewry.