Hahaha..Sister Black. Get it? Ohh Jesus. (Sorry, mama.)

Hell yes I am. It’s been a month and this BW has been on vacation. I thought I would wait till it was a month exactly for me to return to this blog, because, well, it just made sense to me. See, here’s the thing: I don’t necessarily love stereotypes but then there’s those times one slips up into one of them and, oh hell, you just have to be honest about it. So, I went on vacation and the blog went on vacation too. Further explanation can be found if you watch Bernie Mac describe the way BF take breaks. Familarize yourself with The Original Kings of Comedy as I will be using them often to reinforce points they say soo much better than I could.)

So, like Mac said, this BW “broke” and took time off to stare out the window and catch up on my As the World Turns (um, Carly and Jack are on their road to damn redemption. I only watch their storyline so I’m still soap sober. I think). Never fear readers (all 5 of you), I also have plenty of questions to answer. So stay tuned.