Logic would have you believe that there just aren’t that many of us in Hollywood. But that logic, as I tell my little undergrads, should not be trusted. Probably more true is that there are only a number of “familiar” black faces allowed on screen at a time so consequently the number is small. Why bring this up? Because one of those familiar faces has been cast on another of my “favorite” shows, True Blood. I like Alfre Woodard so it should definitely be interesting to see her play Lafayette’s momma.  Thoughts? Seems fine and also seems like they’re trying to add some respectability to their cast (that’s what Alfre represents by the way. Respectability). Here’s the link.


In other BW Alfre news, her daughter Mavis will be the 2010 Miss Golden Globes. The honor which traditionally has gone to A-list celeb daughters like Rumer Willis (smh) and Melanie Griffith, seems to be making a change and electing a BW. Nice work Mavis.

Question I know you're asking: Is that Mavis' real hair or is she wearing the sacrifices of little Indian children (according to Chris Rock's "Good Hair" storyline)? My guess is the latter. Just sayin.

See? Small world after all.