She drew those freckles on. Nutty as a fruitcake but I love her more than my color tv.

We love Erykah cause she crazy, that’s why. Cause she wrote “Tyrone” and cause that song united BW everywhere under the cause of avoiding triflingness*. I mean, do you remember where you were when you first heard “Next Lifetime”? It was midnight, and BET still had Midnight Love (remember Midnight Love? Oh Lord take me back.) and featured the lesser known artists there. The video was so weird…and so was she. And I loved her and her fabric headscarf. And then, “Tyrone”. Lord, that song.

I’m getting tiii-uhd of yo shit. You don’t never buy me nothin. See every time you come around you go-tta bring Jim, James, Paul and Tyrone…

and then the infamous call and response lines that made us all feel better and a little bit church-y too:

EB: I think you better call Tyrone. Us: Call him!

EB: And tell him come on/help/you/get/yo/shit. Us: Come on, come on, come on.

Sighs. Memorires of driving down the 405 and hearing her Worldwide Underground EP for the first time.

She’s got a new album coming out. And it will be good. And she will still be cah-razy. And that’s okay.

New album details are here.

Sade: We loved Sade since “Smooth Operator.” But folks, we have got to get something clear hear: for some reason, we think of Sade as the vocalist’s name. Black people, this is incorrect. The woman’s name is NOT Sade; it’s Helen. Sade is the BAND. (It’s like how if some of us ever saw Eric Braeden on the street we’d call him “Victor Newman.” No, no BP. No, no.) Anyway, we love Sade because Helen and the other band members are the coolest people in the world. I mean, cool like we wish we could be. We probably also love them cause they drop an album as often as one might see mythical unicorns–rarely.

Which is why the news surrounding the new album in February ran through the black gossip circuit like wildfire. That is more exciting news than Obama becoming president for some of us. The first single was released last week and it fits the standard.

My little heart is so excited.

*Triflingness: a made up word that nonetheless expresses the ability to be trifling.