(A foreshadowing to be sure…)

Well, according to Dr. Boyce, not really. I love, love love the following passage:

“One caller, though, called in to the show and slammed the issue on the table like a five-pound slab of raw chicken, using the old O.J. Simpson argument, ‘Had he been with a sister, none of this would have happened.’While I don’t agree with the caller’s assertion (we know that marital drama knows no racial boundaries), I found it interesting that some of the black women in the studio smirked and looked at the floor, as if to say, “I hear ya, girl.” These smirks were not built on agreeing with what the woman said, but rather, on the disappointment and resentment that many black women have felt about the fact that Tiger Woods almost never seemed to show any interest in African-American females. Unlike guys like myself, who admire Tiger for his achievements, I know a long list of black women who could care less if Tiger were to take his golf clubs and jump off the side of a 10-story building.”

Well, believe it or not, I don’t really care either. But I have to argue with Dr. Boyce’s point: if black women could care less if Tiger jumped off a building, that means we do care. And I really don’t think we do. I mean, maybe, we feel a little bit slighted–as we seem to always be except if we’re Halle–and she doesn’t even really count because of her numerous bad relationships (that girl can’t hear good in one ear because of some foolishness). But I don’t think we care enough to merit all this strange attention. Dammit, why do people want us to get incindiary all the time?!

Story here. Extra fun tip: Er…Dr. Boyce, stop with all that foolish self-promotion on your website. That’s real country. And Todd Boyd-like. Next thing, you know he’ll be writing books about driving through Syracuse in his Jaguar listening to hip-hop and smoking black and milds. Booo black celebrity male intelligentsia. Boo.